Here we have provided the list Top 10 Best Running Tips For Beginners, that includes everything from how to train, schedule, nutrition, avoiding injury, motivation and many more.

Running can sometimes seems difficult for people who have never run before or for people who have stopped running long time ago and wants to start running again.  But once you get to know the basics of running efficiently and following the beginner runner’s schedule, It will all become easy and you will soon develop a running habit.

Things to Do Before you Start Running 

For beginners, if you have not had any physical activity for along time, It is advisable to get the medical clearance from your physician before you start running. When you visit your doctor, Tell him.her about your running plan, schedule, any weight loss goal and any heath issues your are facing. If you have any previous injuries, then let your doctor know about it, and also don’t forget to ask your doctor about how to prevent the recurrence of previous injuries.

Top 10 Best Running Tips For Beginners

Running is the best choice for every new fitness enthusiasts because first of all it requires low cost to start and you can start it from anyplace. You just need to buy a good short, one good T-shirt and a good pair of shoes for runner and thats all. You can start running and build a good running habit. Its not that difficult, isn’t it. At beginning, running for beginners may look hard, but as you follow basic rules and practice, it just become easy. So lets go straight into the Running Tips For Beginners.

1. Buy Good Pair of Running Shoes.

Buy Good Pair of Running Shoes

Buying a good pair of running shoe should be the foremost priority to you. A good shoe will provide comfort, safety and will make running easier. You should not forgo quality over cheap price.  Many cheap running shoes will do more harm to your body. Buy the right running shoes for your feet. A good running shoe will have a better foam or cushioning material used in the sole which will make the shoe last much longer and provides the comfort your heel. Good upper construction will make your foot more comfortable and relaxed.  Also make sure that it has a contoured sockliner which will help in keeping your foot in place there by avoiding any injuries. So Please note that you should always go for a running shoe constructed from comfortable material. Comfort and Safety should always be your number one priority.

2. Buy New Clothes for running

Buy New Clothes for running

You should consider investing in technical fabric running shorts, clothes, socks and tops. Well you can say that you can run wearing literally anything, But think once again, and ask yourself again, Will I be comfortable? Is it safe? The answer is clear, You will need a running clothes. Technical fabric can be made from a number of fibers materials such as natural one such as bamboo or smartwool or from the synthetic one like nylon or polyester. It is advisable that you avoid the clothes which is 100% made from cotton. Cotton retains sweat, which can cause clothes to stick or cause chaffing. It can cause irritation and sometimes in extreme cases can also cause blisters. A good technical fabrics allows the sweat to move to surface where they can evaporate fast. Well they can still get little damp but not like the one that are made from 100 percent cotton. Lets move on to our next Running Tips For Beginners.

3. Find a Running Group

Find a Running Group

Research show that most Beginner runs who start by running alone stop running after one month. The reason is simple, There is no one to motivate them to keep running. A running group or a running friend is very important. They will provide you motivation, will inspire you, teach you accountability and commitment. We all knows that sometimes our body gave up and we don’t want to run, but then our buddy will motivate and we will soon start running again. You can easily find a running group in your area. Most cities now have many dedicated running groups. Join them today. This is very important Running Tips For Beginners.

4. Schedule and plan your Run

Schedule and plan your Run

Running is just not about running, its also about scheduling and planning your run. As a beginner, you should find a good running for beginner and then stick to it. There are many awesome running programs are available. Just join any one of them and start running. One of the most efficient way for beginner runners is the run/walk method. In this method, you run for one minute and then walk for minute and continue this pattern for at least 30 minutes. increase the time of running every week and decrease the walking time. Soon you will notice that you can run for 30 minutes effortlessly. lets see our next running tips for beginner.



When you start exercise after a long break, or you have just started doing exercise, Your fitness of body actually dip in the first week as your body try to acclimate to the new pressure your are forcing into your physical body. At this stage, more than 50% of beginner runners gave up as they think their body will not be able to cope with this new challenge. So remember that your body will take at least 4 weeks to get acclimated to the new demands. Just get it know that you will feel the full effect of the running and you have to stay in your course and as the days goes by you will notice that you are becoming stronger and your body will actually demand more running. Many new runners can get minor injury in initial weeks like pulled calf muscles, cramping quads, shin splits etc due to doing it too fast and too much. So at beginning just go slow and then at later stage increase your speed.

6. Eat Well

Eat Well running tips for beginners

Eating properly and giving your body good nutrition is very important. You should fuel your body and as a good rule you should eat 200 to 400 calories of carbs and protein 1 and half hours prior to your running. This time frame will give your body enough to digest the food and give the necessary energy for running. If you run with empty stomach or don’t eat enough then you body will get weaken and you will feel fatigued and you will not be able to run efficiently. Eating just before the running can make you full and your stomach will not get digest time and it can cause stomach pain. Digestion will not happen or slow down when you are running, so you wont get any energy from it. What snack you should eat usually differs for each runners and depends on body type and structure. Normally you should try to include yogurt with granola, peanut butter sandwich with English muffin is good choice for most of the beginner runners. Eat banana also which is very good. You should eat a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein within 45 minutes after your running activity is completed. This gives enough time to your tired muscle to get energy and rebuild.

7. Drink more water and Stay Hydrated.

running tips for beginners

Our Body is made up of 70% water and when you run, you will lose a lot of water in form of sweat. So staying hydrated is very necessary. Make sure that you drink nearly 20 oz of water at least 2 hour before your running schedule.  Drink 2 hours before will give the water to pass through system and make you hydrated enough. Once you are experienced and start running for than 45  minutes then you should consider drinking sports drink which will help in replacing vital electrolytes, like sodium,magnesium,potassium etc. You lose electrolytes when you sweat, so its important to drink a sports drink like Gatorade to renew these minerals. Lets check next Running Tips For Beginners.

8. Do Proper Warm-Up

warm up running

Before you go for running, Do warm-up which will help your muscles get relaxed by doing the dynamic stretch. You can do it just by simply going for a 5 minute walk and it will help in decreasing the chance of muscles becoming tighten while running. You should also do normal stretch and hold warm-up exercise after you finish your running. Lets see Running Tips For Beginners.

9. Listen What your Body is Saying

running body

Listen to your body, I will repeat again, listen to your body. If you are feeling pain or feeling something is wrong with your body then don’t run. Running when you are feeling pain is never good. If you are getting pain in hip, shin or any part of the body then use ice or use any anti-inflammatory medication. Give rest to your body and when the pain is gone then only you should start running. If pain doesn’t go away then it is advisable to go to your doctor and get proper medication.

10. Take Proper Rest

Running Rest

Giving a proper rest to your body is as much as important as doing any other exercises. Relaxing will help your body to rebuild and recover in that time. When you run, it puts stress in your muscles and can cause micro tears in the tissue. When this happens your body will rush to rebuild it.  But if you don’t relax then your body will not be able to rebuild it and ultimately it can cause major problem. So as beginner you should consider taking one day rest every week.

We hope that above Running Tips For Beginners helped you. So lets start running.

Top 10 Best Running Tips For Beginners | How to Start from Scratch

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