Here we will give the best tips on How to Find the Right Running Shoes for you. For this, You need to know what type of feet you have. Once you figure that out, It will become easy. You can know the kind of feet you have by simply looking at it. Other Method which is more accurate is to analyze your foot print. You can take your footprint either by running on any sandy area or taking the footprint on paper. By this way you can find the right running shoes for you.

How Many Types of Feet there are

There are mainly three types of feet. Most people belong to these three categories only.
How To Find the Right Running Shoes

1. Flat Feet

Take a look at your foot, If you don’t find any arch then you can confirm that you have a flat feet. In flat feet , From the last end of your foot to the heel, You will observe that it will be totally flat. You can also do a footprint test. Take your foot print and if you don’t see any inward curve in your feet or your feet looks like a foot shaped blob then you are suffering from a flat feet.

What Issue Flat Feet Can Cause?
If you have a flat feet, then in most cases you are an overpronator. An overpronator means that you will roll the feet inward when you are running.

What Running Shoes to buy for a Flat Feet?
Flat feet causes dis balance to your body when you run. So you should buy a shoe which helps you in staying in balance. So when choosing the best running shoes for flat feet, look for keywords like stability or motion control in the features of a shoe. You can also opt to wear orthotics  which helps in correcting the foot issues. By this way you can Find the Right Running Shoes for flat feet.

Best Men’s Running Shoes For Overpronation

2. Normal Feet

Take a look at your feet  or your footprint, If it is not like a description of flat foot as above mentioned or doesn’t look like an high arched feet then its a normal or neutral foot.  You will see a curve inward, but it will be less than 3/4 of an inch.

What Issue Normal Feet Can Cause?
Normal feet means you are not in much of an issue. If you have a healthy lifestyle and select a good running shoes, you will not face any issue. This is a normal feet and is very less likely to get injured.

What Running Shoes to buy for a Normal or Neutral Feet?
You have the option to choose from many ranges of running shoes. Just choose the right fitting shoes. Avoid the shoes with stability control or motion control as you don’t need it.

3.  High-arched Feet

If you notice your footprint and see high arches then you have a High-arched feet,  In your footprint you will see it is curving inward and will make your middle foot very thin.

What Issue High-arched Feet Can Cause?
If you have a High-arched feet, then you most likely are underpronation or supinate. Underpronation means that when you run your feet will roll outwards. If you are an High-arched runner then you should measure your feet regularly as, regular running can cause arches to fall which will make your feet longer.

What Running Shoes to buy for a High-arched Feet?
You should look for a running shoes which is flexible and have a soft midsole and it should also have a shock absorption features. So when buying running shoes for high-arched feet, look for keywords like cushioned or flexible in details.
We hope that above tips will help you in find the Right Running Shoes for you. Please keep visiting our website for more tips.
How To Find the Right Running Shoes | Pick Best Running Shoes

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