Normally it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to develop a good running habit. Here we will give 10 best tips to build a healthy running habit and how to stick to it. Many beginner runners start with the intention to build a running habit for rest of their life but most of the beginners gave up after few weeks. It takes at least 6 weeks to develop a running habit and you should not quit before it. It does require mental toughness and physical strength, but once you get passed these initial few weeks, everything will become easy and fun.

10 Best Tips to Build a Good Running Habit

Lest look at the some of the best tips that will help you in building a good running habit and will make you fall in love with running. So lets go.

Running Habit

1. Follow a Running Program

If you have just started running then its highly recommended that you join a running program. There are many free and paid running program, Just join any one of them and stick to it. One if the best free training program is ru/walk method, It is very easy for beginner runners and helps in making a good running habit.

2. Tell Your Family and Friends

Make sure that you tell your friends and family that you are going to start running. By Telling them, you are making yourself accountable and if you stop they will ask questions why you stopped and this will motivate you to go again for running. They will inquire about your progress and encourage your to keep running.

3. Race Training

Race Training is one of the best way to stay motivated for running and sticking to a plan. As your friend or any family member to join with you in training, By this way you can motivate each other and get encouragement. There are many 5k charity running going on in many cities, Just join it initially and start training for it.

4. Stay in Limit

Most beginner gets more excited about running and they run faster and longer distance in initial days. But as their body is still not acclimated to the new challenges, they get fatigued or injured and soon they get discouraged and leave. So stay in limit initially and then gradually increase it.

5. Keep Track of your Progress

Keep a track of  your running, by using a training log or start writing a blog and update your progress on it.By this way you will  stay motivated and energized for next day.  Make sure that you write date, Hours trained, distance ran and time taken and How you felt. Keep this training log in a place where you can see it easily. This log will remind you and perhaps even force you to run.

6. Keep Track of your Progress Medically

As above stated training log, you can also track you progress by other means. There are many benefits of running. Running make you healthier and helps you lose weight. Take measurement of your weight and by this way you can see your progress. Also take measurement of your cholesterol level, blood pressure every few months. Also monitor your heart rate while you are in rest and when you are running.

7. Plan for Bad Weather Day

Not Every Day will have a nice weather, Some day will be rainy, cold or hot. But don’t let the bad weather as an excuse for not running. You can always prepare for them by taking hot or cold weather clothing and other precautions. If due to very bad weather you cant go out side then go for treadmill or any indoor area or you can go for cross-train indoors.

8. Reward Yourself

Study shows that we will continue with a new habit if we keep getting rewards for continuing.  You can plan for long term and short term goal and when it is reached, rewards yourself. It will inspire you to keep running. Rewards like go for a massage when you run for 3 weeks continuously etc.

9. Fight Boredom

One of the main reason why most people quit from running is Boredom, SO try to keep your running fun and entertaining. Try to avoid running single on initial days. Join a running group, listen to songs and vary your running and workout routines. If you are running in treadmill, there are many tips for it as well. lets move on to next running habit tips.

10. Enjoy Yourself

Every activity should be about enjoying yourself and not for just doing it. If you are just running for weight loss then ultimately it will feel like an chore. So change your mindset and be grateful that you got some free time to run and thereby get chance to improving your health. If you run outdoors then appreciate the beauty of surrouning and say hi to every new people you meet. Just enjoy yourself.

By follow these 9 tips you will be able to build a successful running habit.

10 Best Tips to Build a Good Running Habit | Gym Fitness Training
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