Learn How To Get Rid Of A Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics Naturally using Home Remedies. Instead of relying on antibiotics Use these Natural Remedies to cure Tooth Infection.

What Causes Tooth Infection?

A tooth infection occurs at the root of the tooth or it can happen between gums and the tooth. The infection is caused by bacteria which get inside the tooth due to dental cavity, chip or crack. They can also sometimes reach the root tip and causes much pain. Tooth infection can cause many health issue like inflammation, severe tooth pain and can produce pocket of pus. If not treated, It can also spread to bone which can be very dangerous. Normally to treat tooth infection you need to go to dentist and have a dental procedure done. But there are several home remedies for tooth infection that can help you in reducing pain and remove tooth infection.

How To Get Rid Of A Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics

As we all know, a tooth infection is caused by harmful bacteria. Tooth infection is caused by several reason, like injury, dental cavity which is untreated or due to the previous bad dental work. A dentist can help you in treating the infection by draining it out and cleaning your teeth. Normally if root canal treatment is done before it become severe your teeth will remain safe. But in most severe cases you might have to loose the infected tooth.

Tooth infection can cause you severe pain, high sensitivity to heat,cold and sweet, pain while eating and sometime it causes fever and swelling of your face or cheek. Your mouth will smell bad and your mouth may sometime fill with the bad smelling pus. poor hygiene, bad eating habit like eating foods with high sugar content may increase the chances of you getting the tooth infection.

It is important that you treat the dental infection as soon as you start noticing sign of it. Tooth infection only get worse with the time and if untreated may resulted in sepsis which is very dangerous to your health. To treat it, your dentist may take X ray of your teeth and then do appropriate procedure to remove the infection. You can also go for the below home remedies which can help you in getting rid of Tooth infection naturally.

1. Garlic

Garlic is popularly known as best home remedies that helps you in fighting many infection and diseases.  Garlic contain anti bacteria and anti inflammatory  natural antibiotics which makes it one of the best home remedies to treat tooth infection. For using garlic, use it as a solution and apply it in affected area and it will help in decreasing the pain and infection.

For treating tooth infection, take a garlic and put it in your mouth and crush it and then chew it till you notice that your toothache has gone. After that rinse your mouth with warm water. You can add the clove oil to water before rinsing.

You can also go for half teaspoon of garlic powder and a pinch of salt. Then make the solution of it and apply it in the affected tooth area. To get the maximum effect, you should do it at least 3-4 times a day till your tooth infection is completely gone.

2. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is now very popular due to its use in Ayurveda. It helps in treating tooth and gum infection. It has antibiotic properties and helps in killing harmful bacteria that is residing in the infected area. It also helps in removing the toxins from the tooth. It is not only good for dental heath but also good for total body and mental heath.

So in order to treat your tooth infection with you should take one take one spoon of coconut oil and put it in your mouth and then keep it in your mouth for at least 15 minutes. It is important that you don’t swallow this oil. After 15 minutes, spit it and then rinse your mouth with warm water. We recommend that you do this treatment at least two times a day for a month. it is more effective when done with empty stomach.

3. Clove

Clove is another very good home remedy to reduce tooth infection. it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which helps in reducing pain and killing bacteria. Helps in reducing in inflammation and other issues. For using clove for tooth infection, you should make a clove solution and then soak the solution in some cotton swab and hold it in the infected area till the pain reduces. You can also put the clove in your mouth and chew it, Don’t drink the juice, let it be there for 30 minutes. If you see any progression, you should keep doing it.

4. Black Tea Bag

Black tea helps in reducing pain and inflammation due to toothache. It has tannin and antioxidants which makes it a suitable home remedy to fight tooth infection. It is also good for dental health overall.  For using it, Dip the black tea bag in lukewarm water for 5 minutes and then remove the water and use the bag and apply it in affected area. Keep it there for few hours and then rinse your mouth with warm water.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is considered a good product for overall dental health due to its antibacterial and disinfectant features. It helps in killing harmful bacteria and improving your dental health.  For using it, take 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with 1 teaspoon of water. Then use this solution to rinse your mouth for few minutes. You don’t have to swallow this solution. You can also mix the hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of baking soda to make a paste and then apply it in infected area and after that rinse your mouth with warm water. It is preferable if you do it 3 times a day.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is know to have antibiotic and antiseptic properties. It can also helps in reducing pain. So in order to treat your tooth infection with turmeric, take one teaspoon of turmeric and mix it with water to make a strong paste. Now apply this paste in affected area ad after some time rinse your mouth with luke warm water. We recommend that you do it at least 3 times a day.

We hope that now you are able to find the answer for How To Get Rid Of A Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics  . Please do comment for any questions.

How To Get Rid Of A Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics | Home Remedies

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