Does Carb Cycling For Weight Loss work? How it works and can it help in losing weight faster then traditional methods? Then you should read this article. Carb Cycling as suggested by name is a diet which is based on the intake of carbohydrates and its effects on weight loss. It is different from other carb diets is that it suggests many healthy eating habits and also includes how to control your carbohydrates intake. 

What is Carb Cycling?

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

Carb cycling Diets became popular after many known authors like Jay Robb, Jayson Hunter recommended this diet on their book The Fat Burning Diet and the book The Carb Rotation Diet etc. Its not a new form of diet and it was being used already by many body builders where they use it to burn the fat quickly and at the same time build the muscles.

Now what is Carb Cycling? Well as you can see its name, it is a cycle with days of almost no to low carbs intake and the days where you can take carbs. Its main principle is that you get the benefits of low carb diet and also able to suppress feeling to eat carb diet if you have not eaten any carb diet for long time.

How to Do Carb Cycling?

There are many ways by which you can do the carb cycling and they mostly varies on duration. For example many will go for a carb diet for 5 days and then for next two days they will go for high carb diet.  These high carb days may or may not be in consecutive days. It all depends on your schedule. Some also follow shorter carb cycling for example they will go for two low carb days then one high carb day. Very highly respected dietitian Hayson Hunter gas recommended that you should go for a little carb instead of no carb in no carb days. by this way you can stick to your routine easily.

Basically you should take about 50 percet or less of your dailies calories from carbs on the days which are high carb days. In lower carb days your calories intake from carbs should be 0 to 50 grams per day. Total calorie intake should also be very low in these days. You should learn to how to calculate the daily calorie intake and by this way you will be able to how much carbohydrates you should be taking. If you are trying for Carb Cycling For Weight Loss then keep your carb intake at minimal level.

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss tells you that along with carb rotation diets, you should also have a balanced healthy food diet which consist of low GI, high fibre foods, vegetables, fruits, good healthy fats and unsaturated fats. It is also suggested that you avoid sugary food items.

What Carb Cycling claims?

Carb Cycling works on Concept that you can trick your body to keep muscle mass and at the same time you will able to reduce your body fat by varying the amount of carb we take daily. Author Jay Robb, in his best seller book The Fat Buring Diet has suggested that when we eat carbs, our body release hormone insulin and this insulin helps in converting blood sugars to energy. So if we confuse our body by varying carbs intake, Our body will stop storing fat and hence Carb Cycling For Weight Loss will work.

This works on concept of GI level. Carbohydrates when broken down is stored in our liver and muscles in form of Glycogen. It is build up when we do workout or any physical activity. If we take low carbs on low carb day, Our Body will get tuned to store Glycogen and in High Carb says we can replenish this reserve and our body will not store it as fat and we will lose weight.

Carb Cycling Benefits

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

This diet routine is specially deigned with weight loss in mind and many participants have successfully able to lose those extra fat. Due to reduce in take of Carbohydrates and low GI, weight loss become easy.

Healthy Diet

Most of the Carb Cycling diets recommends healthy eating and suggest foods with low GI, high fibre, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. This diet plan was created and promoted by many famous dietitian and definately the diet plan shows it.

Not that Difficult to stick

As you are not sticking to low or no carbs days for rest of your life, its some what easier than other low carb diet programs. It doesn’t put much restriction on your diet and also allows you to enjoy high carbs on specific days. So for beginners, it is very well recommended.

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss Disadvantages

Lack of Scientific Evidence

Currently it is not fully backed by science that it will help in wight loss. The scientfic community has not researched it thoroughly and we are not aware of its benefits and drawbacks according to science.

Increases your crave for Carbs

Since for many days you will almost at zero to no carb diet. Your body will eventually crave for carbs and you will feel little weak. Some study suggested that many of the participants have increased Carb cravings then the one who goes for traditional low carb diet plan.


Taking too much Carb on High Carb day

In Carb Cycling, you are allowed to eat carbs on a particular day. Many people think that they can eat as many carbs as they want on high carb day, and it ultimately nullifies its effect. You should be patient and only eat the recommended amount of carbs on Carb day.

Its Difficult to Understand

You should be able to calculate your carb intake this plan. For many people its very complicated plan and they fail to take their daily requirement of carbs of low and high carb days. Also you need to do regular workout and take a balanced diet. Its better to take help from professional rather than starting on your own routine of carb cycling.

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss – Does it Work? Final Thoughts

Carb Cycling is not one of the best diet plan out there but it is very easy to stick into and a good diet plan for beginners. It recommends healthy eating and workout and people who like carbs, it gives an option to eat carbs on specific days. However the weight loss speed is slower in Carb Cycling then other traditional carb diet methods But its healthier than others.

You must remember that for weight loss calorie in should be less than calorie out. So you should plan according for this plan as like any other plan and stick to it. Learn to eat the right food and calaculate its calorie and then this plan will be right for you.

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Carb Cycling For Weight Loss – Does it Work?

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