If you tend to overeat food with sugary taste, then it can be harmful to your heath. So here is the simple 10 ways by which you can stop sugar cravings naturally and easily. Human naturally prefers sweet taste as it quickly releases energy to body and mind and boost our energy. But anything in excess is harmful and so we should our Stop Sugar Cravings. Many people brain get fine tuned to eat chocolate or drink soda every hour or anytime they feel bad. A good taste relive them from the stress. But its unhealthy to eat too many. So how to minimize the carving of sugary foods and be healthy?

What causes sugar cravings?

Stop Sugar Cravings

There are many reason which is causing you to carve for sugar. Lets look at some of the main causes.

1. Endorphin level is low

When you eat sugary foods, our body releases hormone known as endorphins. If this Endorphin level is low then we our body will crave for sugar. Women who are in premenstrual stage have less endorphin which in turn makes them craving for sugar. The release of hormone Endorphin makes us feel good, that is why so many people like to eat sugary foods. It should be noted that not only sugary foods have this effect, there are many other foods such as Fruit and complex carbohydrates. Its effect may take some time but you will ultimately get the same effect.

2. Low Blood Sugar level

A low blood sugar level will make you crave for sugar. Blood sugar level can become low due to many reasons such as Not eating for a long time, or when you do a workout or you are in very stress mood. SO to replenish our blood sugar level we will go for sugar foods. But these foods normally have a high GI and it causes the blood sugar level to become high immediately but after sometime it will reduce again quickly and you will crave for sugar again. So to keep the blood sugar at constant level, it is advisable that you eat food with low GI, which will keep the blood sugar level at constant level and hence helps to Stop Sugar Cravings.

3. Fungal Infection

If you have a yest infection or fungal infection in the digestive tract of your body can cause your body to demand for high sugar food.

4. Other Causes

Food allergies or any other sensitivities can cause the glucose level to drop and makes you crave.

How to stop sugar cravings Naturally

There are many ways by which you can stop sugar cravings naturally and easily. SO here are the 10 ways which will help you.

1. Go for little

Whenever you crave for sugar, just take a little sugar of whatever you want, like just taking a bite of chocolate or taking a small piece of a cake. If you deprive yourself completely, then eventually you will have a very strong cravings for sugar. So taking little and not eating all time, will help in stopping sugar cravings.

2. Remove all Sugar food near you

If you don’t find any sugar things near you, then it will make you difficult to get the sugar foods. Like anything, the first 48 hours will be difficult, But soon you will find that your craving for sugar is decreasing and soon in couple of days, it will stop. Just be strong and do other activities to stop thinking about sugar.

3. Avoid foods with artificial Sweeteners

For some people it might seems like if they replace the sugar in their food with artificial Sugar, then they will be able satisfy their crave for sugar and also not increase their calorie and weight. But remember, they sweet taste, but they don’t give the sugar that your body wants, So soon you will be hungry again and eat more. So avoid it.

4. Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar level

Eat food with low GI, like pasta, oatmeal or grain bread etc. These foods will make your blood sugar level rise slowly and hence maintaining it for a very long time. So this means you are less hungry and you will be able to stop Sugar Cravings Easily. Avoid High GI foods such a white rice, potatoes or sweets whenever possible.

5. Make Sugary Food difficult to Find

If you just make it difficult to find the sweet foods, it will gradually decrease your blood sugar levels. If you have to spend a lot of time and energy just to find a sugar food, you will fed up and soon you will stop cravings for sugar.

6. Eat Healthy Sweets

Not all sweets are unhealthy, Some sweets are good for heath, Sweets such as honey yogurt, dried fruit or fruit that will satisfy your sugary needs. They are healthy and you can eat them too.

7. Indulge in Other Activities

Whenever you think you are cravings for sugar, then do other activities to keep your mind distracted from this, like have a bath, play some game, chat with your friends. Even if you do it for few minutes, your brain will get distracted and you will lose sugar cravings.

8. Drink Plenty Water.

Sometimes drinking plenty of water will makes you less crave for sugar. Whenever you feel like eating sugar, just take a big glass of water. If you still feel hungry, have a small snacks etc.

9. Chew Gum and Brush

See we all know that food doesn’t taste good after brushing, So whenever you crave for sugar, just brush, and when you eat it will not taste better and you will eat less. Chewing Gum also does the same thing, and also it tells your mind that you are eating something.

10. Maintain Healthy Eating Habit

Eat your meals in time and thereby it will help to control the blood sugar levels. Make sure you eat 3 times everyday and if its needed eat small snacks in between. If you want to lose weight then skip the small snack part. You should eat a balanced meal diet. Don’t skip your meal as it will crave for more later and youw ill eat much more food then needed.

We hope that now with help of above tips you will able to stop Sugar Cravings Easily and Naturally. Please keep visiting our site for more helpful articles.

10 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings Easily and Naturally

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