Here are the Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight Easily and Quickly which is proven scientifically to work. These food contains powerful nutrients and antioxidants that will help you to lose weight.

There are some foods which can help you in achieving your weight loss goals. The food which are used for losing weight normally have a high fiber content and has a low energy density. So you will not feel hungry constantly and also stay energized all day. Include these Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight in your diet and you will find your weight loss goals easier to achieve.

Which Foods are Considered as Healthy?

Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight

Normally the Healthy foods are the one which helps in decreasing your appetite and at same time nourishing your body with powerful nutrients. These foods will have a high soluble fibre content which makes you full and you will not feel hungry for a long time. Many studies have shown that a diet consisting of High fibre has been linked to the weight loss. High Fibre foods also have a low GI, which means that it will maintain a constant blood sugar level in your body and hence you will crave for less sugary foods.

It should also be noted the Some Fats are also an excellent resource for losing weight. These Fats are normally of unsaturated type such as omega three fatty acids, which many studies shows that they are proven to work for weight loss. Protein is also considered as a major part in a balanced diet as the food which has higher protein content will make you full fast and hence you will eat less .

10 Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight Easily

Lets look at some of the Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight that are easily to get, affordable and most importantly, they work.

Beans and legumes

Pulses like dry edible seeds of beans, lentils, Kidney beans, peas, lentils and black beans are filled with high fibre, plant based protein, vitamins B and minerals. They help in reducing bloat by giving nutrients to muscular and nervous system and hence you build and lean body mass.  Legumes are great as eating a small maount of it will keep you full for a very long time. Also they have a very low fat content and and contains simple carbohydrates which makes it a good diet for healthy heart and also helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar level. They are rich in protein and contains low fat and calories a s compared to the meat based food which are normally high in calorie and fats.


Oats is another plant based food which is rich in high fibre and contains low fat which helps you in staying full longer and hence you will at less. It is recommended that you should prefer the plain oats and avoid the one which is flavored or toasted since the plain oats contains low sugar and fat. You can start your day by eating Porridge oats with healthy yogurt, low fat milk and fruits which is perfect breakfast for weight loss and also provides you with good nutrients, fibre and protein. You can also add oats to baking or meat or other food items to reduce their fat content.


Some people may avoid Avocado as it has a high fat content but they contain powerful nutrients and it is very helpful in losing weight. They are rich in folate, fibre, Vitamins such as B6 and C and minerals. They have a high fat content, but most of them is healthy and contains healthy unsaturated fatty acids. Unstaturated fats are great for weight loss and when taken in small serve amount is perfect for your health.

Brown rice

Brown rice is rich in high fibre and contains good nutrients that will make you stay satisfied for longer time and help in reducing your weight. It is advisable that you eat brown rice instead of white rice.


Almonds is one of the Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight as many study suggest that even though they are very high in fat and has a high energy density, they are good for weight loss when you take it in small balanced amount. Taking small intake of Almonds every day helps in increasing cholecystoinin hormone levels, which makes you satisfied longer. SO you will eat less and stay energized longer. Its also provides important nutrients such as fibre, magnesium, Vitamin E, potassium, calcium, iron, protein and many more

Low fat milk

We all know milk is a good source for calcium and protein and is is very good for bones. Protien makes you full for longer time and when you choose a low fat milk, it will reduce your calorie intake and makes it an ideal Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight. Use it with healthy cereals for tasty and healthy breakfast.


Broccoli contains low calorie and hence is a good food for losing weight. It contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, and minerals such as potassium. Hence it has powerful healthy nutrients.


We all heard this phrase “An apple a Day, Keeps Doctor Away”. Well it is correct as it is good food for weight loss as it contains high fibre and has a low calorie content. Its also sweet and tasty unlike other boring healthy food. Many studies have shown that intake of apple is related to weight loss in women.


Salmon is also one of the Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight Easily and Quickly. Its high in good unsaturated fat like Avocado and is good for weight loss when you eat it in balanced amount. It has high omega three content and helps in reducing blood triglycerides, which in turn reduces the body fat content. It has a high protein content and keeps you full for long time.

Olive oil

Olive oil like Avocados has high content of unsaturated fat and also contains high protective polyphenols. It is very good for heart and some study shows that its also helps in avoiding cancer. Its very effective food in losing weight.

As always, Please remember that calorie in should be less than calorie out for losing weight. So you should burn more calories than what you intake. You should do regular workout with combination of above listed Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight Easily and Quickly. There are many weight loss drinks available which you can take to lose weight.

We hope that this article helped you and please comment with your suggestion or questions.

10 Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight Easily and Quickly

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